The Village of Breton welcomes you. Council Chambers at the Village office.
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The CentraPlex Building is a terrific addition to our community.
Breton's Vision Statement is A progressive community united in kindness and generosity.
The Village of Breton has an RCMP Detachment with officers keeping the community safe.
Council - Committees and Appointments
There's lots to do in Breton!
Please feel free to contact any of the individuals listed regarding these board and committee appointments. Printable List

2016 - 2017 Council Appointments and Committees
Brazeau Seniors Foundation Main Deputy Mayor Young
Alternate Councillor Doucette
Yellowhead Regional Library Main Councillor Power
Alternate Councillor Doucette
Regional Assessment Review Board Main Councillor Plaquin
39/20 Alliance Main Councillor Plaquin
& Mayor Barker
Alternate Councillor Doucette
Family & Community Support Services Main Councillor Power &
Deputy Mayor Young
Alternate Mayor Barker
Breton Agricultural Society Main Councillor Power
Alternate Councillor Doucette
Breton Municipal Library Main Councillor Power
Alternate Deputy Mayor Young
Community Centre Fundraising Committee Main Councillor Plaquin
Alternate Councillor Doucette
Subdivision and Development
Appeal Board
Main All of Council
Assessment Appeal Board Main All of Council

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